Our Services


Civil & Structural Works

“Concrete Buildings and Steel Pre Engineered buildings, including all Architectural and Finishing work.”


“Undertakes all works related with demolition, renovation, refurbishment, restructuring and maintenance”



“Provides services in areas of public and private works such as Rigid and Flexible Roads & Pavements, Road Over bridges, Airport Terminal Buildings, Elevated railways Metros, Taxiways & runways, micro-tunneling, Storm Water Pipelines. Services, Foundations for Industrial Equipment.”


“Provides economical structural design ensuring safety standards”


Since 2005, Prime One has been the US military’s preferred contractor for servicing its Construction and Maintenance requirements. The Company’s aim is to continue to provide a wide range of construction & Maintenance services by utilizing proven and innovative techniques, maintaining stringent control over timing, cost, and quality. We go the extra mile to provide total solution, accepting accountability and delivering.

We provide Design Build Construction Services in compliance with US Standards, in Buildings, Electrical & Mechanical works, Runways, Hangers, PEB’s, Storm water and Infrastructure support, Roads, Architectural work amongst other services.


We support every category of operations and logistic functions, highly technical support help, and complete project management.

We listen to clients’ challenges – for today and tomorrow. From there, we tailor our services to meet client needs. We take care of essential support services, adding value on every step of the facilities management path, enabling our clients to concentrate on delivering their core strategies.

• Sponsorship Services (Recruitment—Housing—Camp Management)

• Different levels of Field Accommodation

• Catering, Cleaning and Laundry Services

• Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping Services

• Fire and Suppression System Maintenance and Inspections

• Wash Rack Operations & Maintenance

• Hazardous Materials Management

• Technical Field Services

• Refuse Services

• Security Services


As a General Trading company, we purchase a wide range of merchandise from our business partners. This diversity enables us to offer products that will satisfy the requirements of customers, whether as a lease, purchase, or installment purchase arrangement. Moreover, our nationwide network of sales offices allows us to provide highly specialized services locally in Kuwait.

Our leasing experts will help you in the procurement of the right vehicle / equipment to fit your needs at the right budget.


We are able to perform full-service of Civil, HVAC, plumbing and electro mechanical works with the ability to service and install complete systems. In addition to scheduled service checks, repairs or replacement of existing equipment, and installation of new equipment, we follow cost-benefits analysis for our clients. We have an extensive history of repair service on all brands of central air conditioning, heating and plumbing systems apart from our turnkey construction projects.